Thursday, December 8, 2011

Did you miss us?

So I've taken a blogging vacation. A long one. For those of you that followed this blog, I'm sorry to have been slacking but glad to be back. I can't promise frequent updates, but I really enjoy doing these updates and in honor of my 32nd birthday, I'm making a promise to myself that I will take time to do this.

There's no good way to recap 17 months, so I'm just going to recap a little, chat Patrick a little and tell ya'll about some of the exciting stuff happening now.

Recap: The last 17 months have been busy! We've had our share of travels, especially Ryan. Our family destinations have included Atlanta (wedding) and Florida (wedding and a Mouse House visit!). Ryan has also been to Russia and India. Looks like there may be more India trips in his future and we have a trip to California and Florida planned.

The work on the house continues and I dare say the end is in sight. I'll definitely have to devote a future post to the incredible work that Ryan (and others) have done.

Ryan and I also started bike riding for fun and exercise. Over the summer we participated in a few bike events locally. Ryan even did the Miles of Smiles event - 100 miles in one day. The highlight of the biking events was our October trip, child free :), to Nashville to participate in the Bike to Jack and Back. This was a 150 mile ride over 2 days that Ryan did with some friends while I worked as a 2 day volunteer for the event. Ryan and the rest of our team rode from Franklin, TN to the Lynchburg, TN. Between days one and two we had the opportunity to eat, drink, and relax with the rest of the participants on the Jack Daniel's Distillery property and then camp on the grounds of a local community college. Such a fun event that raised money for the National MS Society. Who is going with us next year?

At 2.5, Patrick is incredibly fun and unbelievably smart. Those of you who know his Mama well will not be surprised to hear he has excellent language skills. Translation: He never shuts up and has an opinion on everything. In a good way! He loves to climb, jump, run, and play with his trains. He also has some sweet dance moves :) Patrick loves his friends at day care, and looks for any opportunity to play with his cousins.

He can't get enough of his books and bargains every single night to have more books read to him. He even insists on having his light left on so he can 'read' himself to sleep. He adores Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Thomas & Friends (ick!).

While Ryan was in India in August, I got it in my head that I should potty train Patrick. Surprisingly, he took right to it and I'm proud to say he's been potty trained for months :) He still wears a trainer at night, but it is dry every single morning. At this point, its more for us than for him.

Patrick is really looking forward to Christmas and tells us all the time about Santa. He loves trying to figure out where his elf on the shelf has ended up each morning.

But do you want to know the thing he's really excited about??

The most exciting thing?


That's right!  I'm 20 weeks along now, baby #2 is due April 23, and Patrick couldn't be more excited.  Obviously, Ryan and I are also thrilled. This pregnancy has been very different that the first, and at 20 weeks I still find myself getting sick some mornings. But generally everything is great and so far both Mama and Baby are doing great. More on baby later :)

So that's about it for now. (What, that's not enough?) More updates soon, I promise.


Jenny said...

I SO was guessing you were prego but you left me hanging until the end. So mean!!

I have been waiting for an update!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my First Best Friend :). I never forget the date!


Mara said...

Happy birthday and mazel tov! I know i've told you before, but I felt i should do so here too :) I'm so happy for you guys, and can't believe I haven't seen you in SO long! Much love!

The Vogels said...

What WONDERFUL news! We are so excited for you and your growing family!! Patrick is going to be such a great big brother!!!

The Cochrans said...

Congrats Morge family!